Take the gambling out of the preparation
If you regularly read recipes, you often see something like, “Grill the steak for 3 minutes per side” or “The chicken is cooked when the released juices are transparent”. We ourselves sometimes guessed the doneness of a nice ribeye by pressing it. When we started cutting, it was sometimes still raw or just a bit too far.

The only correct way to know when your meat or fish is cooked is to measure the core temperature. Instead of guessing or feeling, you insert a Thermapen into the meat and you serve perfectly cooked and juicy meat every time.

The correct core temperature also guarantees that all bacteria present have been made harmless, such as salmonella or e. coli, so that the risk of a food infection is also limited. Also an advantage.

Straight to the core temperature list ↓
What kind of thermometers do you have
The first piece of equipment that you should buy after the barbecue is a thermometer. A good thermometer for the barbecuer must be easy to use, indicate the temperature quickly and be able to take a beating. We forget the analog thermometers and go straight for the reliable digital versions.

You have different thermometers with different purposes, an instant thermometer, with which you can quickly see what the core temperature of your chicken leg or sirloin is. Or a thermometer that you leave in the dish during preparation.

The Superfast Thermapen Professional is the thermometer that you use for a-la-minute preparation of smaller pieces of meat, the Thermapen is immediately ready for use and reads the temperature within 3 seconds.

The display neatly tilts with the position of the thermometer. It is protected against dust and water according to the IP67 standard. This means that it is waterproof for 30 minutes to a depth of 1 meter. Should be enough right? It turns on and off automatically when you pick it up and put it down. This makes the battery last a long time. The Thermapen is for sale at the better BBQ and cooking shops.

Measuring core temperature during cooking
If you often prepare larger pieces of meat, you can choose to take a thermometer that you can leave in the meat by means of a probe. As a result, the barbecue does not have to be opened every time.

The DOT is then the simplest solution. Insert the supplied probe into the meat and set the Dot. The large screen clearly indicates the doneness of the meat in the barbecue. You are neatly warned with an alarm when the desired core temperature has been reached.